The Perfect Balance
between Forex & Crypto

Benefit using Forex/Crypto strategies with Hedging,
Forex Hedging, Forex Arbitrage , Correlation Trading between crypto & forex.

About Us

Why to choose UTC.MONEY?

We are group of highly experienced & professional trader dealing with Forex for 14years and Crypto since 8years.

We as a team are specialized in million dollar fund managment.
UTC TOKEN is supported with business model where the raised funds are utilized for opening up for new exchanges, also for Crypto Hedging, Forex Hedging, Forex Arbitrage , Correlation Trading between crypto & forex.


Benefits of Using Our Solution


Strong Network

Smart Contract runs compeletly mathematical structure & pure logic based.Smart Contract is fully automatic and can not be changed or shut down.



Hedging in finance is a risk management strategy. It deals with reducing the risk of uncertainty related to the adverse price fluctuations in an asset.



Arbitrage is the process of exploiting differences in the price of an asset by simultaneously buying and selling it. In the process the arbitrageur pockets a risk-free return. Differences in prices usually occur because of imperfect dissemination of information.



The Martingale system is a system of investing in which the dollar value of investments continually increases after losses, or the position size increases with the lowering portfolio size. The strategy is based on the premise that only one good bet or trade is needed to turn your fortunes around.

Distribution Details

Token Allocation

20% Premined for exchanges & liquidity

50% UTC Eco System

10% Use in ONGO system

10% Airdrop

10% Founders

work flow



Growing Global

UTC token is backed by team of professional members with over 14 years of experience in Forex & 8 years in Crypto space and has executed over 90 different projects in Forex & Crypto.UTC has go huge potential of returns on investments once of exchange it could easily be 3-5X of its price.
So come join us and get more benefits

50 +
180 +



Trade UTC Token on Exchanges


UTC TOKEN a unique and 1st genesis type of smart contract based on Binance Smart Chain network.

The total supply of UTC TOKEN is 41 Million, 80% being in smart mining contract for 5 years.

20% of UTC TOKEN will be utilized for its exchange listing, trading and liquidity purpose

Once UTC token deployed and launched it will be soon listed at many exchanges and also will be seen on coinmarketcap.

The price of UTC tokens will be appreciated by trading done over Forex & Crypto platforms using our own inhouse strategies.


Team & Advisors

With a team of top technology and finance professionals, the expands access to low-cost financial
services to fight poverty and maximize individual potential.